Do you only work with high school students?

I work with people of all ages and backgrounds. Some are in high school or college, some are in the work world and have decided they need a change but are lacking direction.

Do you travel outside of the Toledo area to meet with clients?

Yes. I charge a minimal travel fee depending on location. We also can arrange to meet at a location halfway between your city and the Northwest Ohio area or via FaceTime or Zoom.

My child has so many interests. How do you get a client to focus?

The Strong Interest Inventory and MBTI personality assessment give me loads of information about my clients. My job is to expand their view in a way that is relevant to the world of work, have a riveting conversation and then narrow the focus to a top 3 occupations or college majors.

How soon can we meet with you?

Depending on availability, I typically meet with clients within 7-10 days of their completion of the assessments.

I know I want to hire CareerSTRONG – what is the process?

After you decide which package you would like to purchase, click the PAYMENT tab on my website. I will send you an email with the assessment link and instructions. Once you’ve completed the assessments, I will contact you to set up a time to meet.

Do you help people find a job?

No. My focus is increasing self-knowledge as it relates to personality and interests and how that knowledge can help you over your lifetime.

Can you help me with financial aid information and scholarship search?

Yes. While I don’t consider myself an expert in the financial aid world, my background in higher education has provided me with plenty of information about the FAFSA and scholarship applications to get you started.