Parents of High School Students

Is everyone asking your child what he or she is going to do after graduation? Is there a sense of rising frustration in you and your child?

Unfortunately, there is no magic answer when it comes to this question and for many people, it’s hard to put your finger on that one thing that you want to do…

CareerSTRONG can help!

  • Depending on your situation, your child may take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and/or the Strong Interest Inventory.
  • By having an in-depth conversation with your child, we can uncover and pinpoint unique gifts and talents.
  • During our meeting, I’ll show your child how to search for occupations that complement interests.
  • Save money by figuring this out before they graduate!

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College Students

Congratulations, you’re in college now!

  • If you’re like the 75% of students who change their major at least once, or the up to 50% of students who enter college as “Undeclared”, you may have had a wandering path on your journey to a college degree.
  • Even if you’re almost at the finish line, it can be stressful and confusing to outline a real plan for what happens after graduation.

CareerSTRONG can help with positive direction and clarity of goals.

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Career and Life Planning

  • Are you part of the 71% of the American population that is looking for a new job, but are confused about a good fit for your personality and interests?
  • Do you want to understand your personality strengths and possible pitfalls so that you can get along better with your co-workers, friends and family?

CareerSTRONG can help!

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Stay on a positive path with self-discovery and Coaching sessions!

Here are just a few benefits of Coaching:

  • Opportunity to talk about your assessments in more detail, now that you’ve had a chance to spend time digging into the information.
  • Detailed help with O*Net and how to use it to do an advanced career search.
  • Learn how to “flex” your behavior by knowing more about personality type and your particular interests.
  • How to network with others and make small talk.
  • Help with Scholarship searches and applications to Graduate school.
  • A brief description of the assessments...

    Strong Interest Inventory

    The Strong Interest Inventory® assessment provides powerful insight into your interests, so it is easier to consider potential careers, your educational path and the world of work. The Strong is backed by more than 80 years of research into how people of similar interests are employed, and what motivates individuals in the workplace. The INTERPRETIVE report is 20 pages and contains all 4 scales of the STRONG.

    Click here to view a short video about the Strong Interest Inventory.


    Utilizing 2 of the 4 Strong Interest Inventory scales, the iStartStrong report serves as an introduction to the world of career exploration.

    Myers Briggs Type Indicator

    Based on the psychological theories of Carl Jung and developed by Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs, the MBTI provides a powerful framework for driving positive change and can help you understand your strengths and challenges, as well as your preferred styles of learning, leadership, conflict resolution, and personal relationships.

    Click here to view a short video about the MBTI

    "My sons were assessed via CareerSTRONG. Kim patiently explained the results, providing insights we wouldn't have uncovered on our own. Shouldn't every teen should be assessed - to reaffirm or discover more about work style, strengths, challenges... I highly recommend."

    - Mary G., parent of college and high school student