"In taking the Strong Interest Inventory not only did I learn my career focuses and goals, but I learned about myself. The assessment is a very good resource to pave the road not only for lifelong success but happiness in the workplace. Thanks again, it was great!"

- Tyler S., high school junior

"Kim helped me 'launch' my adult children who were all heading in different directions. They are using the knowledge they gained from taking the MBTI and focusing on their strengths while realizing that they need to compensate for weak areas."

- Jodi S.

"As my oldest son was approaching his senior year in high school, this homeschool mom wanted to panic every time this thought came: How in the world am I supposed to know what to do with my child for a successful “launch” into his next phase of life? Institutional schools have advisors who “take care of those details”, but I had little time to figure out all the questions I needed to ask let alone the answers to those questions.

When I talked to Kim at CareerSTRONG, my mind was put at ease as she has had lots of experience in college and career advising as well as administering assessments which could help my children discover their skills and interests for their future careers. Kim has walked my oldest two through the transition, and now she is working with my third child (an 11th grader) to prep him for the “what’s-after- homeschool” phase. I am relieved and grateful for the services Kim provides."

- Tammy L., homeschool parent

"I recently used Kim VanderHooven and CareerSTRONG to help my daughter fine tune areas of interest for her to pursue in college. As an honor student she has many opportunities available to her and narrowing choices proved to be a major task. Kim helped her to determine potential fits; not just for her skills but also her interests and more importantly her propensity for contentment in various careers. I'm very thankful for her help and feel it was absolutely worth our investment. I'm happy to say my daughter has selected a major and we are now appropriately narrowing her college choices."

- Jamie H., parent of a high school junior

"I highly recommend Kim with CareerStrong! My daughter is a Junior in high school and recently had the honor to work with Kim. She thought for years that she wanted to be a pediatric oncologist. Over the last few months, she has developed an interest in many MANY other paths. I am a parent that encourages her to explore all of her options and find something that will serve her. After taking Kim's assessments and meeting with her to go over the results, she has a real plan. She wants to get her BSN and then her DNP to specialize in Pediatric Acute Care. The guidance that Kim was able to provide as our daughter researched her choices cannot be found anywhere. She was able to match her strengths with her passions. She is a true professional who is very talented in the services she provides. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

- Monique M., parent of high school (now college) student

"CareerStrong is the perfect resource for anyone struggling to find their true vocation. Kim's expertise and guidance will provide the direction and answers that you have been seeking. Highly recommend!"

- Laney F., (parent of high school student)